Urge BookMyShow to Stop Cruel Animal Circus Promotions


BookMyShow, an online ticketing company for movies, concerts, and other events, is promoting circuses using animals. In the past, it allowed Ajanta Circus – which was recently prohibited from using animals by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) but was still reportedly doing so – to sell tickets using its platform. BookMyShow continues to promote Rambo Circus, too, even though the circus was recently found to be using animals illegally.


PETA India has informed BookMyShow that Pune city police registered a first information report against Rambo Circus for using fish not registered for performance and for forcing dogs to perform tricks which are not approved by the AWBI.

An investigator documented that a performer at Rambo Circus held two fish between his teeth, swallowed them alive, and then regurgitated them into a bowl of water. Later, Rambo Circus admitted to using the fish illegally. PETA India has also shown BookMyShow that the dogs used by Rambo Circus, when not in use, are often confined to wire cages.

Ajanta Circus was also found to be operating illegally in Kolkata by forcing animals to perform even after the AWBI cancelled its Performing Animals Registration Certificate for violation of the Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2001.

The use of animals in circuses is considered to be so cruel that numerous countries around the world have prohibitions in place against it. That’s because animals hauled around in cages and chains and forced to perform are denied everything that gives their lives meaning. They live in fear of being hit or abused in other ways. The environment is completely unsuitable for animals, with the constant exposure to bright lights, loud sounds, and bustling activity.

Please use the form below to urge BookMyShow to implement a policy not to promote, sell, or permit the sale of tickets to circuses using animals.

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