Urge McDonald's India to Sell McVegans 


McDonald's India is missing out on the business of vegans, their family and friends, and those looking for healthy and compassionate options because the vegan offerings on its current menu are severely limited – but that can easily be resolved. The fast-food giant already makes a vegan burger called the McVegan, and its European launch in select countries was such a hit that it created an online craze for the cruelty-free, hand-held delight. It's time for McDonald's India to join the rapidly growing vegan foods market and meet the overwhelming demand for vegan options by adding the now-famous McVegan to its menus.

Today, more and more people in India and around the world are looking for vegan options because they're friendly to animals, human health, and the environment. Vegan foods are loaded with nutrients that the human body needs, and they spare billions of animals suffering and death on horrific factory farms. Eating vegan also reduces one's risk of suffering from serious conditions – including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and obesity – and helps protect the environment. The production of meat, egg, and dairy "products" is so resource-intensive that a 2010 United Nations report concluded that a global shift towards vegan eating is vital to curb the devastating effects of climate change.

India is the perfect place to sell McVegans. We have a long tradition of cultural respect for animals, and the followers of several widespread religions in the country avoid many animal-derived products. Additionally, an increasing number of Indians are choosing dairy-free foods in order to avoid stomach problems associated with lactose intolerance: three out of four Indians are unable to digest cows' milk properly.

There are more and more fully vegan eateries in major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata and many more that offer plenty of vegan options, and vegan groups with thousands of members on social media are popping up in cities all over the country. Last year, the German International School Chennai became the country's first all-vegan school, and more than 40 Indian brands – mainly in the food and service industry – launched vegan products in 2016 alone.  

It's clear that the demand for vegan foods is sky high. Join PETA India in urging McDonald's India to give the public what it wants by adding the McVegan burger to its menus.  

Don't forget to order PETA's free vegetarian/vegan starter kit to jump-start your cruelty-free transition. It's packed with fresh recipes and useful information to help you on your journey towards animal-friendly, healthy, and green living!

Mc Donald's India
McDonald's India

Ask McDonald's India to add the animal-friendly McVegan burger to its menu. 

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