Ask KFC to add vegan dishes to its menu in India. 


Word has it that KFC is exploring offering vegan chicken in the UK. What's that? A "meat" that you can eat even if you don't eat meat, because it's made from plants.

If you're vegan like us, you don't go to KFC restaurants in India because there's nothing on the menu marked suitable for vegans – but it doesn't have to be this way! KFC can get with the times here, too, and appeal to the countless caring consumers who don't eat animals' flesh, milk, or eggs by simply adding a vegan chicken patty, soya chaap, or any other tasty vegan dish to its menu.

India is a vegan's paradise, but KFC is missing out. Our country has a long history of respecting animals, and the followers of several widespread religions here choose to leave animals off their plates. More and more Indians are forgoing meals that sentence animals to death, increase their own risk of suffering from serious diseases (including cancer, diabetes, strokes, and heart disease), and destroy the environment. And the food industry is responding: in 2016 alone, over 40 Indian brands launched vegan products – mostly in the food service industry – and a growing number of eating establishments in India's major cities are vegan-only or at least offer plenty of vegan options. After all, a third of Indians are already meat-free and the majority of us can't properly digest milk.

All KFC has to do in order to entice vegans is add a veggie burger, a "chicken" item made from soya chaap – which is already widely consumed as an alternative to chicken – or another animal-free item to its menu. Join PETA India in urging the fast-food chain to give the public what it wants by adding vegan options to its menu. 

Looking for more information on the power of eating vegan? Order PETA India's free vegetarian/vegan starter kit for tasty animal- and Earth-friendly recipes and useful tips on taking charge of your health and helping animals today.

KFC India
KFC India

Ask KFC to add vegan dishes to its menu in India. 

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