Pledge to Lose the Leather Now!​

Think the treatment of cows in India is always holy? Watch this video exposé narrated by Pamela Anderson showing cattle tied together with ropes through their noses and beaten mercilessly in forced "death marches" over vast distances. During the marches,cattle collapse from hunger, exhaustion, injury and despair. Handlers force the cattle to continue by breaking the animals' tails at each joint (the human equivalent of having a finger broken) and by rubbing tobacco, chilli peppers and salt into the animals' eyes. The cattle are never offered food or even a drop of water.

Illegally crammed into severely crowded trucks, many cattle, including mothers and calves, are trampled or gored during the long journey to slaughter. By the time they arrive, some of the animals are already dead. Many others are so sick and injured that they must be dragged inside, where workers cut the animals' throats by sawing back and forth with dull knives. Completely conscious animals are left to slowly bleed to death. Some have their legs hacked off while they're still conscious or suffer the agony of being skinned alive.

You can help put a stop to this cruelty by signing our pledge today and promising that, from this day forward, the only skin you are in is your own. Then forward the video to your friends.


I want to tell the world that I will not ever wear the skin of another animal. I refuse to contribute to the cruelty of the leather industry. By signing this pledge, I am saying that the only skin I am in is my own.


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