Pledge Never to Take Elephant Joyrides

The use of a sharp, hooked ankus and other weapons. Wounds and injuries that are left untreated. Constant chaining, including with spiked hobbles, on concrete floors. Severe foot problems. Psychotic behaviour. Even mutilation. Such are the abuses elephants used for joyrides face in India. 

One extensive inspection of elephants in Jaipur – conducted by a team which included experienced veterinarians and Honorary Animal Welfare Officers from PETA India, Animal Rahat,Wildlife SOS and the Centre for Studies on Elephants at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Kerala – revealed rampant and widespread abuse of captive elephants used for elephant rides and other tourist activities in Jaipur, in apparent violation of Indian animal-protection laws. 


The inspectors found partially blind elephants forced to work, the use of weapons, the use of chains and hobbles with sharp spikes, the mutilation of elephants' ears and tusks, chaining for long hours and a lack of space. Deprived of the chance to roam and socialise, elephants can be seen repeatedly rocking back and forth.

You can help stop the suffering of elephants by pledging never to take an elephant joyride. Ready to take a stand? Sign our pledge today!

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I don't want to contribute to the suffering of elephants who are abused for entertainment. By signing my name, I pledge never to take an elephant joyride.

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